Our CTO Ms. Kung speaks at Taiwan FDA’s Cosmetics Advertisement Symposium, Taipei, 26 November 2014

The invited speakers of this conference are Karen Kung and Lin W-J, who will give talks on cosmetic ingredients and their effectiveness. Ms. Kung specializes in cosmetic formulation development. She was a lecturer in Chin Nan University and several other universities, has often been invited as a speaker by many universities and conferences and offers related education and training. She will talk about international certfication of “natural” and “organic” ingredients and products at this conference.

Prof. Lin is the Dean of Department of Cosmetic Sciences, Chia Nan University of Pharmacy & Science, also a member of the “Cosmetic Advertisement Management Committee” of the Taiwanese Food and Drug Administration. He offered valuable opinions towards cosmetic advertisement many times in the past. For additional Information please see TFDA official Website (Chinese only).

Hosted by Food and Drug Administration

Organized by Taipei Pharmacists Association

Participants: Cosmetics Industry, Cosmetic Advertisemnt Censorship Unit

Time: 26th Nov. 2014  13:30-17:30

Location: Chientan Youth Activity Center, Taipei



主題 Schedule 主持人/講者 Speaker
13:20-13:50 報到 Registration
13:50-14:00 長官致詞 Introduction 食品藥物管理署 Food and Drug Administration
14:00-15:30 天然及有機成分之國際驗證及管理International certification of natural and organic cosmetic ingredients and products 永佳環球有限公司孔皓瑩 老師Evergoods Global Co., Ltd孔皓瑩  Karen Kung
15:30-15:40 中場休息 Break
15:40-17:10 化粧品效能與廣告創意之區別The difference between cosmetic effectiveness and advertisement creativity 嘉南藥理科技大學 化粧品應用與管理系林維炤 主任Chia Nan University of Pharmacy & Science, Department of Cosmetic Sciences林維炤  Lin W-J
17:10-17:30 綜合討論 Panel Discussion 食品藥物管理署 Food and Drug Administration
17:30 散會 End


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