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It is the dose that makes the poison.

Over the years the Evergoods staff has lectured on cosmetics at numerous universities and colleges. We have been invited guests and speakers at fairs and media events and are entrusted with an advisor status to the Taiwan FDA. Evergoods Global keeps an up-to-date status concerning novel developments, trends and cosmetics regulations. In particular we claim an expert status on questions related to organic certification and raw materials.

Hence the Evergoods team is happy to share experiences and offer information about cosmetics, teaching, course work and also internships for hands-on practical experiences.

In particular we will focus on explaining the various recognised certification bodies (COSMOS, ECOCERT, SOIL ASSOCIATION, BDIH, USDA, NATRUE ..), certification procedures, organic percentage calculation methods etc. A topic of growing importance will further be Halal certification for cosmetics.

This page is under construction, articles are currently only added in Chinese. Information in English language will be added in the future. We kindly ask for your understanding.