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It is the mark of a good action that it appears inevitable in retrospect.
Robert Louis Stevenson

Cosmetic products have to be safe, everybody will agree to that. But what about the very production process of those sensitive products? We do not want to accept that products are produced which sooth and nurture our skin on the one hand while their production methods unsettle and impair the environment on the other. One key principle of sustainable behaviour for us is, that our environment and fellow creature deserve the same degree of care with which we treat our skin. And after all – our skin is by far our biggest organ and like no other organ it is exposed to the environment. Only one of the many instances where we come full circle when we think about it.

Evergoods Global explicitly recognises that protecting and maintaining the quality of the environment and respect for our fellow creature is integral to our operations.In assuming our responsibility to protect the environment today and for future generations we have implemented, maintain, and continuously improve an effective environmental management system. It deals with every aspect of our operations that is directly or indirectly environmentally relevant. Among other it focuses in depth on the topics

• Raw Material Origin, Production Methods and Procurement
• Packaging Material Evaluation
• Energy Consumption and Management
• Direct and Indirect Carbon Dioxide Emissions
• Water Consumption and Waste Water Load
• Elimination, Minimisation, Reuse, Recycling and proper Disposal of Waste
• Noise
• Healthy Workplace Environment
• Communication of Sustainability Approaches to the Industry and Public

Establishing and implementing an elaborate environmental management plan has proven to be a powerful tool for us to gain an overview of our environmental performance and it already led to several positive results. To name one striking example: over a period of only two months we managed to reduce our electricity consumption by 8% – without big investments, only by slightly altering routine work processes. Such instant success only made us more eager and we turned the investigation of further possibilities for energy-saving measures into a permanent company process, carried out directly by the management.

Staying with energy consumption as an example, it should be noted that fossil fuel fired power plants provide for over 91% of Taiwan’s electricity, followed by nuclear plants with 8.3% (as of 2012). Renewable sources make up for only half a percent. Making the interpretation of these numbers even worse is the fact that a striking 49% of Taiwan’s electricity is generated by coal, and the coal fired thermal power plants are the island’s main greenhouse gas emitters.

For a small Taiwan company switching to a renewable energy plan is both cumbersome and costly. Nevertheless – in the light of the previously mentioned facts Evergoods decided to go along its principles. Being fully aware of the extra costs we decided to have 50% of our total electricity consumption coming from renewable sources. For us it is a step in the right direction and at the same time it gives additional incentive to our main goal, namely the reduction of our total energy consumption.

To affirm our determination and to communicate it to both, our employees as well as industry and public, we have summarised our goals in the following environmental policy:


In assuming our responsibility to protect the environment today and for future generations we will implement, maintain, and continuously improve an effective environmental management system.

We hereby commit to the following statement:
Evergoods Global and Farlain Creative Marketing recognise that protecting and maintaining the quality of the environment is an integral part of the companies’ operations. We acknowledge our duty to ensure that raw materials and products are produced and used without unacceptable burden to the environment. The same shall apply for the disposal of any wastes. We further acknowledge our duty to make use of resources in a sensible and sustainable way.

It is the responsibility of all employees and the companies themselves to ensure that the previous commitments are followed at all times. In particular we will

• Comply in every country we do business in with all legal requirements established to protect the environment

• Adopt voluntary commitments to protect the environment

• Minimise pollution and take steps to save resources through energy conservation, reuse and recycling

• Refrain from having our products tested on living animals

• Promote awareness for environmental protection in connection with the operations among all employees and provide appropriate training to those responsible for implementing environmental control measures

• Maintain proper records and documentation concerning activities relating to environmental matters and regularly communicate our environmental performance to all employees

• Participate with government, industry and professional associations in the development of environmental regulations and standards in the domain of cosmetics

• Promote awareness for environmental protection in dialogue with customers and suppliers, academic staff and university students

• Continuously improve the environmental performance of the companies to the best of our ability

Karen Kung
Member of the Management, CTO
Taipei, 14 January 2014