Evergoods Stand at Asia Organic & Lohas Product Expo, Taipei, 31 October – 2 November 2014

The Evergoods Group will be represented with a stand at the “Asia Organic & Lohas Product Expo”, which has gradually become the largest exhibition for the organic industry in Taiwan since the first exhibition in 2006. We are looking forward to meet you in person, hear your comments and answer your questions.

The influence of the exhibition captures increasing attention from professionals and elites, and thus serves as the best communication platform in Asia. World famous brands and companies in the organic / LOHAS industry are participating in the truly international organic expo show in Asia, including producers, manufacturers, wholesalers, importers and more. It is the best way to promote your new products, find another selling channel, expand the market-share and improve your competitive rank.    [short link: http://bit.ly/1rtd5fE]

Asia Organic & Lohas Product Expo (EN)

Asia Organic & Lohas Product Expo (中文)